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WINNERS 2018 Landscaping Awards in France - Les Victoires du Paysage

Landscaping: parking and shopping area La Galerie Espaces Fenouillet in Fenouillet (France) (31)

During the presentation of Victoires du Paysage, on Thursday 6 December in Paris, the MERCIALYS group, accompanied by its partners: L35 (architects) - Filao aménagement - Caussat Espaces Verts and the nurseries: Pépinières du Padouenc and Christian Langevin; was named laureate in the category "Companies - housing and real estate", for the car park and the surroundings of the shopping center La Galerie Espaces Fenouillet in Fenouillet (31).

A succession of steps for a regional operation, MERCIALYS first added 24,000 m2 and 7 new retail stores to the Toulouse-Fenouillet shopping center in the form of a retail park "Espace Fenouillet" opened on 20 May 2015. But beyond 2016, more than 70 new shops and restaurants have been added to raise the group to a large regional cluster with 85,000 m2 and 110 shops in total. This second step was to expand and renovate the shopping mall. A new urban façade enhances its image, while new buildings harmoniously blend into the surrounding urban fabric. New walking and social spaces have been created both inside and outside the center. Streets and squares follow one another and accompany the customer journey while reinforcing the urban image of the center. It is a new generation of shopping centers integrating into the city by creating spaces of high environmental quality, and offering its customers a range of local services and a real place to live. This shopping center revolves around a central place devoted to leisure and catering, a real place of community life, where concerts, shows, exhibitions and events take place throughout the year.

The "Landscape" at the heart of the Galerie Espaces Fenouillet project


Indeed, the success of the project lies above all in the fact that from the start of studies, the surrounding landscape served as a support for the concept of development of the Shopping Center. On nearly 23 hectares of land area, more than 15% of spaces have been planted. As much the traditional style of the villages of the south-west of France with its architecture in red briquettes; as much the countryside and agricultural landscape bordering the site, or the aquatic and bucolic landscape of the Canal de la Garonne allowed the initially purely logistical and aging grounds to move towards spaces of remarkable quality and perfectly integrated. 

Involvement of local businesses and producers

n order for the landscaping project to keep its promises, and for the "Vegetal" to find its place, it was essential to involve local professionals, with a detailed knowledge of the territory, soil conditions and climate. Fenouillet and more broadly the agglomeration of Toulouse, benefit from a significant sunshine, strong prevailing winds and limited water resources. In a logic of development and sustainable management of a busy site such as La Galerie - Espaces Fenouillet, the plant palette used should be composed of hardy species, preferably local, suitable for the climate and requiring little maintenance. The nursery that supplied most of the plants is local (Pépinières du Padouenc / Christian Langevin Pépinières). It is the same for the company having carried out all the plantings and being in charge of the management of the site, Caussat Espaces Verts based in Two (31). Balance, a rate of recovery of trees of more than 95%, a low impact of transport, and BREEAM certification - 4 * with a score of 70.6%. 26,440 m2 of sod and rustic meadows, 18,000 m2 of shrubbery and 722 trees constitute this green setting and this green weave.

Technical sheet  :   Project owner: Mercialys

Landscaper designer: FILAO AMENAGEMENT Agency

Landscape contractor: Caussat Espaces Verts

Nurseries: Pépinières du Padouenc ; Christian Langevin 

Architects: L35 

Chronology of the project :   1992: First renovation

2013: Building Permit

2014: Start of work

2015: Extension of the Galerie Espace Fenouillet - Retail park

Chausson / Kinepolis

2016: End of work 


RETAIL PARK/WALK :  High deciduous stratum: remarkable maple groves and holm oaks

Low stratum: mixture of grasses 

PARKINGS 'PARCELLAIRE AGRICOLE' :  Upper Strata: Field maple, white birch, common charms, hazel trees of Byzantium gathered in groves

Low stratum: mixture of ground covers for narrow and grassy parts for the widest parts.


FILAO AMENAGEMENT  Each project benefits within the agency Filao layout of the greatest attention to detail. The objective here is not to impose a monolithic vision of the landscape, but to listen carefully and with respect to the desires, the wishes, the constraints of the owners of the works, whether private or representatives of a community. It is on this condition that the projects come to life and will meet the commitment of their initiators as well as their users. For this, the agency brings its know-how and accompanies with respect and professionalism the owners of the works in their desires of landscape until their realisation.


The landscape designer is a creator who knows how to listen to expectations and make them take shape. Complementary and partner of the other professions of design and project management - ecologist, landscape engineer, architect, urban planner - sharing know-how with one or the other, the landscape designer does not merge with any of these trades. His know-how is not only technical, since he knows how to integrate the subjective, cultural and social dimension of the landscape, and to implement his own creativity; not only architectural, since they knows plants, the soil, water, and also the complexity, the evolution and the uncertainty of a living environment.



Located in Rosny-sous-Bois (France), the landscape painter Stéphane AULAS loves Nature with a capital «N», the landscapes that it composes, the plants and the flowers in their natural environment. He composes and naturally stages this plant diversity in all his projects.

Landscaper designer, founder of the FILAO AMENAGEMENT Agency (since 2009)

Landscaper Designer - INH Angers

Holder of the national certificate for the use of the title of landscape designer

Holder of the AIPR certification

BTS Landscaping - Chambourcy

CONTACT PRESSE Fatma Erhalac  75 Quai de la Seine 75019 Paris P : 06 01 48 26 24  Pour des visuels et des informations complémentaires :

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